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Saturday, March 11, 2006

the Creative Zone

Well, what a week! I participated in CODEPINK'S March 8th International Women's Day anti-war in Iraq demonstration on Wednesday. If you do not know about CODEPINK, check them out at:
It was inspiring to be holding up a sign that said "HONK FOR PEACE" in downtown Oakland, California and have most of the passing cars honking! This awful war is becoming more and more unpopular; I just pray our country pulls out soon...and periodically I feel like I have to do something to protest the war---I guess it is my way of lighting a candle in the dark, to get out and protest.

I also finished a loverly RIGHT ANGLE weave beaded bracelet
(photos to be coming soon here of some of my beadwork, knitting & other art...I just need to get over the techie curve to get them from the camera into the blog)
which I started many months ago---after learning the RIGHT ANGLE stitch in a beading class. I find creating beadwork with a needle very meditative work, which sometimes puts me into a special quiet zone---I think of it as my special creative zone, a place I have accessed since childhood as a refuge from the rest of the world when it all seemed too crazy. As a child I got to this place by drawing and painting, and later I learned I could go there doing any creative endeavor---if I am alone and concentrating solely on my creating. Perhaps it is akin to the meditative space musicians playing together get into---? At least many of the OLD TIMEY musicians I am around seem to get into a kind of trance when they play those fold timey fiddle/banjo/guitar/mandolin tunes---and I imagine this is much like the space I am in when I am in my creative zone. (Anyone else out there have a similar experience?)

I am now finishing up a lovely lacey knitted scarf with beads knitted into the lace on both ends. It feels good to finish projects I have put off for awhile---maybe kind of a natural spring activity, to finish up winter projects? And even though an "Alaskan cold front" has moved down here this week into the Bay Area causing weird cold tempertures and stormy hail(!), I do feel that spring is coming is in the air here in California now. The return of more daylight, bulbs blooming...all inspire me to come out of my winter hibernation and become more watch this blog for more activity in the near future.


Oldie said...

Keep up the good fight...CODEPINK is an awesome organization. I wish there was a bit more anti-war activity up here in Portland, but unfortunately, I think a lot of people are just burned can only fight for so long in the face of ever-increasing atrocities before you just get tired. There is an underground society that looks promising up here, though, working at protesting in VERY creative, subtle ways...I'll have to tell you more about it when we come down in a few weeks.

Carla Cryptic said...

Hey, Aurora! Nice to see you here at Blogger and to read about what you're up to. It's getting to the point where that's the main way I keep up with some of my favorite people - reading their blogs or other online stuff. :) Still, I'm going to try and make it to your Needlework salon this weekend - crossing my fingers nothing comes up between now and then that I can't get out of the way in time.