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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Car Liberation!

Today I gave up my car---maybe "gave up" is not the right way to frame it--I LIBERATED myself from my car, the auto industry, the oil industry (at least as far a gasoline goes), the car insurance industry, the car tags...the smelly exhaust, the chore of cleaning the car, oil more car in my life!

Today I walked and took a bus; I was outdoors on a pleasant day and I felt free. I plan to join out local City Car Share for that occasional car use, but I also plan to walk more, ride my bike more, and use our excellent transit system. hooray! I urge anyone who reads this blog to consider doing the same thing. I am not doing this to save fuel for the rest of you to consume--but to lesson my impact on our struggling Earth. Won't you join me?

On the artistic side of my life--yesterday was our artist's reception for our 12 x 12 show. Despite the heat (temp in the 90's?) a merry time was enjoyed by all...I will be posting photos here once I get back from my 3 week trip to Washington state and Alaska.

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Kim said...

I wish we had a public transport here. Best of luck with your decision, I hope it works well for you. :)

have a great nite