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Monday, October 30, 2006

Inspiration & colors

Just like buttons--you can never have too many beads. This photo proves it! When I see an image like this, I get inspired. Where does your inspiration come from?

INSPIRATION: sudden brilliant idea, any influence that arouses effort to do well, a breathing in; act of drawing air into the lungs; inhalation.
How often does a sudden inspiration cause you to take an "Aha!" breath? For me, much of the time it is colors which inspire me--like the sun on autumn leaves, or the color of the sky at dusk, or the brillant golden yellow of sunflowers. I love to visit the flower stand near my house, just to drink in the colors on display in the various flowers. I love to line up all my colored pencils by color--like a rainbow, or to look through my yarn stash---matching up colors for a project. I love a big box of new crayons--the deluxe size with all those colors---who can resist that? When I see a particularly satisfying color combination--in some fabric, or yarn, or in nature---delight kicks in, akin to the same pleasure I feel when good chocolate melts on my tongue. For me, colors are one of the necessary pleasures of life.

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Anonymous said...

My inpiration usually comes from real life experiences.