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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Di Rosa Preserve and the Napa Valley

Above are a couple of photos of outdoor sculpture from the Di Rosa Preserve, which I took on out outing yesterday.
"Entirely surrounded by vineyards, the Di Rosa Preserve'’s 217 acres feature three art galleries, an outdoor sculpture meadow and a 35-acre lake set in the beautiful Carneros region at the southern edge of the Napa and Sonoma Valleys." If you live in the Bay Area and have never visited this outstanding private art museum---I highly recommend a visit! This is a lovely day trip from the Bay Area---we frequently take our out-of-state visitors on this short trip, with some Napa Valley wine tasting and delicious Napa Valley dining afterwards. I cannot begin to describe the outstanding art collection at the Di Rosa!---you simply must go and experience the place for yourself. Of course, if you visit us here in the Bay Area--we would love to take you on this day trip--we always enjoy it, and will happily visit the Di Rosa anytime.
After enjoying the art at the Di Rosa Preserve we drove on up into the Napa valley and visited a cuople of wineries for a little wine tasting. The vines are all showing gorgeous fall colors....

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