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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Handmade Journal Book

Last weekend I took a fun one day workshop at The San Francisco Center For The Book. I created this daily journal book under the tutelage of Carolee Gilligan Wheeler. Carolee and her friend, Jenny Hinchcliff, have the website PodPost MailArt Gallery of Glory.

The workshop was called Fresh Start: A Personalized Daybook for the New Year and this book has one page for each day of the year. Of course I have vowed to myself that I will, indeed, fill one page each far, so good! and what fun! I had been hoarding this lovely pink, yellow, and brown paste paper a friend made me some years ago, and the covers of this journal seemed the perfect place to use it. The sewn spine just called out for some beads dangling from it, so I added those. The book's signatures are sewn with a simple buttonhole stitch; and the journal is sized to fit into my shoulder bag.


Jennie Pod said...

Aurora-your completed journal looks great! Especially with the addition of complementary beads. Here's to filling up a page a day... :)
I went home and made another journal, just so I wouldn't forget the structure...--JH

Carla Cryptic said...

That's really neat Aurora... especially meaningful with the paste paper coming from a friend and the beads on the binding. I hope you can fill every page - I love journals I've done like that. Kudos!


Waspgoddess said...


The journal is really beautiful and I wish you all the best in fulfilling your goal of writing a page a day, it's such a lovely idea.

I just found your site, and there is so much about it I like; the very fact that you're from Alaska (since I was a teenager I've had this strange love-affair with Alaska, despite never having been there, in fact one of my favourite daydreams used to be to one day take part in the Ididarod), I also really admire your pledge not to buy anything new for the first six months of 2007, and the molasses cookies sound wonderful... A must try.

So, despite desperately lacking in the artistic department I'm looking forward to many more visits to your blog.

Twila Grace said...

Beautiful book you made there. Just think how much fun you'll going back through the book after you've filled it! I know that I love to find an old journal that I'd not read in a long time. I think to myself, "I wrote that! Wow."