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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Studio Walls

This morning I decided to share some images from my small art studio walls; some of these are works in progress, some are studies for larger fabric designs, some are just unfinished drawings(or "doodles"), and some are unfinished beaded pieces. Those of you who know me (in person) know I doodle all the time--rather obsessively. I fill notebooks, and sometimes a doodle becomes a fabric design or morphs into a large painting...and or course in between the partially finished pieces, are inspirational quotes and bits of beadwork I have picked up at thrift stores and garage sales. To some, my studio walls may look cluttered--but I only hang up images or pieces that I find pleasing to my eye--and the walls are constantly changing; I think of it as a sort of art-in-progress collage.

This beaded white owl I am creating by embedding the seed beads in wax---someone gave me this bird's nest they found---the nest and finding the "white owl" cigar box were inspiration for this piece. For awhile now I have been doing art mostly about animals and our natural world because much of the time our only interaction with wild animals is destructive to them or their habitat. I believe we must find new ways of thinking and seeing that allow us to approach our relations with other creatures in a way which balances our power over them with the dignity, reverence, and gratitude every living creature deserves.

If you read my bio here, you know I spent over half of my life working on commercial fishing boats in Alaska--hence I have a life-long fascination with sea creatures and mermaids, and with whales, and all aspects of ocean life. Mermaids tend to show up my my artwork quite often--this is only a "doodle" sketch in pen/ink, colored pencils and water color gouache.

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Mary Timme said...

Oh, Aurora, Where to start commenting?! Well, I love all the shaded pieces on the 1st picture. I really love the white owl in the cigar box! Well and then there are the leaves that look like they will be a fabric, very rich looking.

I grew up on a farm in No Where Nebraska and was taught, without me ever knowing it until later in life, a deep respect for the land and the creatures who live off it. I'm constantly drawn to wildlife in expressing my arty side, I believe because of it. My next mosaic piece will be an owl. It is a little Saw-whet Owl from a picture by Wendy Shattil and Bob Rozinsky (hope I spell their names correctly. I love their photography and they given me permission since I already own the piece and it is a treasure of mine. I tend to agree with your philosophy of interacting with wildlife.