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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Tapestry Weaver

My friend Linda Rees, who lives in Eugene, OR is a tapestry weaver. She has been weaving for over 40 years, and has created a stunning body of work over the years. I love her sense of color and design, and the palettes she chooses, so I am showing a few of her more recent hand woven tapestries here--with her permission. I have included the dimensions of each tapestry here, so you can get some idea of how large these are.

Title: Tropical Serape 55" x 39"
Title: The Speckled Space 56" x 39"

Linda often includes interesting pictorial images in her tapestries--like this series she created on the stages of womanhood, titled : The Doors Open on Aging

here is a close up of one of these tapestries, titled: Sighs for a Sagging Body

17" x 21"
Linda says of her work: "Tapestry weaving has been my primary creative outlet for forty years. I have exhibited extensively and segued into writing about the medium and its artists during the last two decades. However, weaving has been a relatively personal pursuit, focusing my energy towards developing artistic skills. The one consistant feature of my artwork is the persistent use of a limited number of yarns for any one piece, preferably no more than six colors or yarns. The challenge to depict geometric or figurative imagery within the confines of a restricted palette excites me. It is how I think, how I visualize."

I also usually enjoy the titles Linda gives her tapestries--this one is titled:
Goin' Places
36" x 29"

This one is titled: Possession 956
47" x 31"

And here are a few more geometric ones.

Title: Context
62" x 38"
Title: The Trickster's Day
68" x 40"


Mary Timme said...

Being a weaver in the beginning of my life without having children at home, I love tapestry work and the ones you've shown are outstanding. I got to see and chat with some famous tapestry people when Convergence was here in Denver and they were so wonderful. I love these too.

Aurora said...

Hi Mary--well, I had a past life (1970's &'80's) as a weaver also--but not tapestries---ponchos, rugs, scarves etc. I taught both hand weaving and hand spinnning to adults. Seems so long ago now...;-)

susan said...

absolutely stunning. in every way.

Mary Timme said...

I was never a tapestry person except that Navajo weaving is how I learned and from the Debbie Chandler book.

I remembered one of the names, it is Sarah Swett and she is just a pheonom, since the age of oh, 10. You might want to Google her if you're interested.

Felicia said...

Wow! I really love her women stages series.

Jana Bouc said...

Wow! You have such an amazing variety of great stuff on your blog. I love the Sighs of a Sagging Body--so courageous and wonderful--and your envelope art is very cool too!