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Saturday, September 22, 2007

New on the Needles

What!? yet another project??? Yup! I succumbed to darn old "startitis" and made a quick trip to the yarn shop--and found this lovely alpaca--this soft yarn just called out to me "lacy ripple scarf" so I'm knitting away.

And then I remembered this lacy scarf I knit for myself last year--my experiment with knitting with beads. This is knit of a grey-lavender lace weight mohair, with beads at each end.

"There is no right way to knit; there is no wrong way to knit. So if anybody kindly tells you that what you are doing is "wrong," don't take umbrage; they mean well. Smile submissively, and listen, keeping your disagreement on an entirely mental level. They may be right, in this particular case, and even if not, they may drop off pieces of information which will come in very handy if you file them away carefully in your brain for future reference. " ~Elizabeth Zimmerman


inkberryblue said...

Hi Aurora.
Both those scarves look gorgeous.
Thanks for dropping by my blog and saying nice things.

Mary Timme said...

Such soft cuddly looking scarves! How cool is that.

Felicia said...

Those little beads are such a lovely accent.

Anonymous said...

mom not another project at this rate I will have to finish my own sweater when you are dead.