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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Sweater WIP

sweater front

This is one of those projects I have had going for several years--a gift for my oldest daughter---and every so often she gives me some flak about "just when are you going to finish my sweater?" you probably could guess---I'm making this one up (as I go!) and using up scraps and bits of yarn I saved for years---so much of it is primo silk/wools and angora that costs too much to buy now. I was a handweaver for years, and saved left over yarns from weaving projects, so I have included mohair, wool, silk and angora yarns in this cardigan. And whew! all those ends are going to be a pain to weave in at the end...

sleeve and half of the front

And now she wants me to create a hood for this sweater, and I plan to edge the front and create a closure (with buttons) with a crocheted edging. I'm thinking about lining this sweater---so I can avoid weaving in all the ends---is this cheating? what do you other knitters think? I guess I'm going public with this too give myself the push I need to finish this project--which has been languishing in my WIP (wip = work in progress) pile for too darn long.

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Anonymous said...'s been almost 5 years since you first "gave" it to me..

Love you no matter though.