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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Swap: miniature knitted sock earrings

Aren't these the cutest? I saw these miniature handknit socks on this blog--yes, she knit these tiny socks! and asked Michelle if she wanted to trade for some of my tiny "inchie" brooches. I'm so pleased she agreed! she knit these red and green ones especially for me--I wanted holiday colors. She used size 0000 double pointed needles and sock yarn. I think they are adorable and every time I wear the earrings people compliment them.

I love swapping online with other crafters--so if you like my inchie brooches or any other artwork or crafty item you see on my blog and have something fun to trade (I do prefer handmade)--by all means, leave me a comment with your e-mail address. I promise to respond.

I think trading and swapping is a good way to subvert capitalism. When I commercial fished in Alaska we used to swap our fish for goods and services all the time---we even swapped fresh redsnapper for dental work---we kept out dentist in fresh fish and he took care of our teeth.

(sigh) So far I have not found a dentist here who wants to swap for hand knit hats or socks, though.

"The little things? The little moments? They aren't little." ---Jon Kabat-Zinn


Mary Timme said...

Ah-oh, so much to enjoy in this post. Those earrings are too cute and sweet! And easy to wear! I love it. How cool.

Dentist's are so picky nowdays! Honestly, fresh fish are so much better than frozen anyway! What are they thinking?

Carol in Falls Church VA said...

Those earrings look a lot like Los Lobe Hose(tm) tiny sock earrings. You can get the pattern and tiny knitting needles at or

Gem (Southampton U.K said...

The earrings are so cool! I am a knitter too. If you ever see something that you like then you can drop me a mail too. If you choose to.
If you have a myspace. Mines

Anonymous said...

This is really lovely!I am a girl from HK, enjoy making handmade stuff, I really want to try knitting this tiny socks, would you mind share the tutorial with me?Or can you give me something to learn from? Thank you.
My email: