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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Tutorial conglomeration!

For months I have been bookmarking online tutorials of wonderful creative crafty projects I want to make...some day....
so here is a short list of a few crafts to make in the New Year:

1) Very Easy Pincushions here from the Purl Bee---the Purl Bee is the online journal of PURL, a shop devoted to beautiful materials and tools for knitting, sewing, quilting and other crafts located in New York. They have a whole lot more great tutorials on their blog---but this one first caught my interest.

2) tiny happy's shoulder bag tutorial---I make my own bags--but I have wanted to try this style for awhile.

3) A pretty crochet flower tutorial from the blog Echoes of a Dream---I can think of many uses for these !

Rick Rack Roses from the blog Nostalgic Needle Art. Wouldn't these make cool additions to a hat?

4) A great tutorial for a button bracelet at the blog Creative Kismet. I love vintage buttons---and have made some bracelets and necklaces with them, but this is a great tutorial---with good illustrations---for a pretty bracelet of buttons which lies flat around your wrist.

5) A luggage tag tutorial from My Longest Year---just a decorative tag to help identify your luggage as it passes by on the conveyor belt....

I guess 5 projects should start the year of 2008 off just fine...more to follow soon!


DAWN said...

I bought one of Tiny Happy's purses and I love it! it is one of my favorites. Very roomy and so pretty.

Anonymous said...

I was able to get to make my pincushion, but haven't gotten to my luggage tags just yet.

If you need any ideas, I have hundreds of free sewing tutorial links on my blog:


Happy New Year!

With friendship,

Lee said...

Not a tutorial, but if you are looking for projects, we can use something creative in a tubelike way that can block the cold draft at the bottom of our apt door.
And a tea cozy, not for a teapot, but for a glass Bodrum type pot like Larry uses for his coffee--we use ours to brew loose tea, and the thin glass leads to cooling off too quickly. I think ours is bigger than the one I saw in use at your house; it's a 5 cup size.
I wish I had thought to mention these before the holidaze hit. Thank you again for the beautiful and practical over the shoulder shopping bag you made us for Christmas. Very lovely.