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Friday, January 04, 2008

Creative Every Day!

I've joined an online "challenge"---to be creative every day--and to post my daily creative endeavor on this blog. I may not post an image every day, but I will be CREATIVE EVERY DAY.
So, here is my creative piece for today---postage stamps from with one of my flower designs. I originally created this all-over flower design for my textile and surface pattern design portfolio, and now I am using the design for postage stamps to promote my design business. The original design is painted in gouache. And yes, these are actual U. S. postage stamps which I can (and do!) use to mail letters.


DAWN said...

Very cool. I have "unofficially" joined. So far so good. . . if I don't knit, I journal, or bake or draw or write so why not be creative everyday. When you think about it, that is what life is.

ckw said...

wow- stamps-how did ya do that?- they are beautiful-
i also read your reflection on your childhood and the zoo -i, too have not been to a zoo-well i cant remember when-
i grew up on a farm in Iowa-and i,too, talked to the animals-domesticated as they were- my dad was a naturalist and loved horses- how lucky we were to have those natyre experiences- thanks for your insight-i enjoyed reading it-

Aurora said...

Yes Dawn--for me being creative every day is what life is all about!

ckw said...

those stamps are very cool- how do you get that done?
i also read your reflections on growing up in Alaska and the whole thing with the zoo- i too cannot go to the zoo anymore- --I grew up in Iowa and can relate to the talking to the animals- albeit-many I conversed with were domestic- anyway- my dad was a naturalist and i feel so fortunate to have had the upbringing i did-
thanks for your words- i enjoyed reading them

Mary Timme said...

Very Cool indeed! I've heard of this and seen some orignal stamps and I love the idea! Good for you. I like it.