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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Mason-Dixon Dish Clothes and the DishRag Hat

Kay--over at the Mason-Dixon Knitting blog has a post about her addiction to knitting these dishrags[cloths?]--and I must confess, since I discovered this pattern, I have been a bit obsessed with knitting dishrags, also. Cotton dish clothes are something I remembered from my '50's childhood--and I bet my grandmother knit them for everyone in the family---like she did mittens. Anyhow, I had scored some nice Peachs n' Cream cotton yarn at a thrift store, so I have been making dish clothes for our household and numerous friends....

Then I decided I liked the drop stitch pattern so much (the drop stitch pattern for these nice cotton dishrags you can find in Kay and Ann's great book Mason-Dixon Knitting, which you can purchase via their blog)---that I would try adapting it to a hat---so here you have it! the dishrag hat---in spring flower colors, because "spring" starts to happen right now in the Bay Area of sunny California.

The yarn is Brown Sheep Co. Cotton Fleece--a lovely mixture of 80% cotton and 20% wool...much nicer--really---than the Peaches & Cream all cotton dishrag yarn.

To those of you who are wondering why I would "waste" my time knitting something a mundane as a dishrag---I offer these 2 explanations:
1) this is a great way to try out new patterns---or swatching that leaves me with something practical to use once I have mastered the stitch I'm fooling around with
2) using a handmade dishcloth reminds me of the notion of CHOP WOOD CARRY WATER zen philosophy---the idea that everyday acts are important---and isn't washing the dishes an everyday act? so why not use a quality handmade tool for this everyday act? plus, we have now banished those crummy sponges (made from who knows what? and probably not bio-degradable) from our kitchen. When the dishrags need a wash--we throw them in with the laundry...and when the finally really do wear out--after years of use--they are bio-degradable.

Todays Quote: "A stitch in time saves, nine"--My Great Aunt Esther


Gretchen said...

I've gotten back into crocheting dishcloths (washcloths) recently. I love using them and it's a great way to practice stitches!

Judith said...

I confess that I too have a secret life and crochet hot pads with cotton and a "very" large hook. Compared to bead crochet, it goes so fast and the end result is so very useful.

Mary Timme said...

I used to make knit dishrags all the time. And I gave up using them when I got to where I couldn't effectively wring them out as my hands hurt too much. This brings back memories. Knit dishrags are fun to do.