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Monday, October 06, 2008

Real Alaskan Women

Most of you blog readers know I'm from Alaska--in fact--I am a third generation Alaskan --my grandfather was a gold miner, my mother was born in Juneau, Alaska in 1922. Sarah Palin's family moved to Alaska when she was an infant--she is a first generation Alaskan--if even that, since she was not born there.

After watching Palin debate (if you could call it that) Senator Biden, I just had to post this link to the SARAH PALIN DEBATE FLOW CHART---such a wonderfull, humorous illustration of the debate ....seems to sum up what happened just check it out ;-)

There is a reason my name is Aurora--it keeps me grounded in the best part of Alaska. I lived for over 20 years in a small town in Alaska--and even served on the city council there--heck, we all did that--we all ended up sooner or later taking out turn on the city council---did that qualify us to be Vice Pres of the US? It takes a tremendous ego to even consider that position when all the experience you have is governor of the state with the smallest population percapita.

I know many women like her in Alaska--self-rightous that their beliefs are the only way the world should be run, who see Alaska as only a place to be exploited and consumed--not as the tremendous wild treasure it is. I know many Alaskan women who say they are feminists---but a real Alaskan feminist Palin is not: she does not support a women's right to choose whether to have an abortion or not; she says you should teach only abstinence--but has a pregnant teenager; she is a women who believes the answer to our "energy crisis" is to drill for more oil in the Alaska Wildlife Refuge (she doesn't seem to understand the meaning of the word "refuge"); and worst of all ---she is a women who refuses to believe that Global Warming is caused by humans--despite the scientific evidence! Despite what Sarah Palin says, and her deliberately folksy attitude, she is not a "real" Alaskan women--she is a caricature of the worst kind of Alaskan.

May we all have compassion for her wounded soul, and work to keep her from being elected.


DAWN said...

Very passionate and powerful words. I hope to visit Alaska one day and I want to see the untamed wild now a bunch of oil rigs and deforestation. I think your 3rd generation trumps her 1/2 a first.

Gretchen said...

Though not from Alaska, I'm a "hockey mom" - does that qualify me?

Excellent post.

Andy said...

I am also an Alaskan woman...born and raised in the beautiful North Pole/Fairbanks area which I should mention is where I still reside... and I have to say that your post was one of the highlights of my day. I agree with you completely. I have to go, I am going to go listen to Mark Begich tonight. :)

freebird said...

Well see, you don't have all her quals listed. McCain said she was also a member of the PTA! Yes, really. I mean he really said that, I don't know if she really was a PTA member. I haven't lived in Alaska (my dad worked on the railroad up there before WWII and was stationed on Attu for a while during the same war) but I have lived in Minnesota and had a grandmother from Minnesota and I can tell you Sarah Palin had Minnesota talk down better than anyone I've ever known from that area. People just don't talk like that! I felt she was condescending as h#*@!