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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Big Changes & new knitting: "MITTS!"

Today I woke up so full of HOPE--for CHANGE--- and with the strong sense that we have taken our country back! Yes! and a sense now everything will get better. I like Patti Digh's post over at 37 Days blog---"He [Obama] will need our help. All of us, not just Democrats, not just African Americans, not just youth, but all of us. Hope cannot be bipartisan. Government cannot be theirs to run, it is ours to run. Let us continue our gestures of belief." That really sums it up for me.

Soul Coaching
: Yes, by day 4 I am "noticing old stuff/ patterns/blockages coming to the surface" ---- my small room has gotten even messier--and I thought we were supposed to de-clutter! An old pattern for me is thus: I let my space get messier and messier until I just cannot stand it!--and then in one big swoop, I clean it all up. I am hoping to change this pattern to one where I clean & and organize a little each day, and I put things away more often.....

I sure like the notion of re-framing my tendancy to be blunt into "honest self-expression"---since sometimes my bluntness has caused trouble for me. I had a harder time transforming my other faults into positive traits--still working on that! and being an observer of myself has always been hard for me---don't know why, but I'm trying that today, also.

Meanwhile I have been knitting these MITTS---a shorter version of mittens--ie "fingerless mittens--I have one finished and the other one on the needles....these are knit with Noro Kureyon....lovely soft and cozy wool yarn. A nice small quick knitting project--guess what my family is getting for holiday gifts this year???

and the pattern is from this excellent book by Clara Parkes of the website Knitter's Review.
I have this book on my wish list...not only does she write eloquently about all types of yarns--but the patterns are wisely chosen to highlight the various yarns characteristics. So-- lovely projects, lovely photos--a must have for my knitting bookshelf.

Quote for the day : "What if you just knew everything was working out perfectly?"


Serena said...

I was very happy with the election result and I'm not even American! I just hope people don't expect too much, too soon from Obama. He has a lot of mess to clean up.

I can identify with what you said about allowing the clutter to build up until absolutely necessary to clean it up. I find my studio/garage gets like that.

I hope you are going well being observer for today. Remember to be gentle with yourself.

And your mittens look GREAT and I'm sure the family will love them as Christmas gifts.

Love, light and peace ~

freebird said...

I am glad the election brought the great result - a resounding vote for hopefulness, for change, for people!

I like your quote and I would relax if all was going to work out perfectly but I know that freewill can keep that from happening so I end up not relaxing.