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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

holiday crafty links round-up

I have been bookmarking some links to fun crafty holiday project tutorials, so here are few last minute quick projects:

Loverly gift wrapping idea! plus nothing to buy--just recycle your plastic bags into these POM POMS "eco happy gift toppers" to tie on your package.

A FABRIC FRIDGE FRAME tutorial--so you can frame a favorite photo for a gift. She also is featuring on her blog some downloadable gift tags for you to print.

And from PINK ARGYLE a a quick last minute quick knitting project--TINY MITTEN DECORATIONS for someone's tree!

And for that child inside you or the child in your life from MAKE BABY STUFF.COM a cute MOUSE HANDPUPPET made from a felted sweater.

so--only (oh my!!!) nine days left until Christmas ---if you count today, which is 1/2 gone already--so get busy! and have a HAPPY CRAFTY HOLIDAZE.


Anonymous said...

Ah, these are great--thank you for finding them and sharing. I love that bow. You know I'm gonna make a few of these babies!

Genie Sea said...

Oh! Thank you for the treasure of links! I love the mouse! :)

KathrynAntyr said...

What fabulous ideas. I adore the hand puppet and it gave me a great idea for a gift that I want to give my friend's daughter.

Mary Timme said...

Great ideas! I love them all. Will I make them. No, but I'll think about them for next year!