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Friday, January 16, 2009

Art and Inspiration

How do you become inspired to create something? When I lived in the Alaskan bush, most of my inspiration came from the nature I was surrounded by. Now that I live in a city --- I am still inspired by nature and the urban environment which surrounds me--but I find myself turning more toward books, magazines, and the net for artistic inspiration.

So, to get my creative juices flowing--I just go through my books or get online and look at other's artwork...I love both Ravelry and Etsy for inspirational websites since they are so easily searchable.....and books...

For textile design, these 3 books area great place to start:

For knitting--I love knitting stitch dictionaries....(because I like trying out new stitches and knitting swatches):

And sometimes I just look out my windows at the blue sky and fleecy clouds....daydreaming is another way to motivate the muse within.

TODAY'S QUOTE: "I have a promiscuous muse. My muse wants to own every color, work in many media, and in numerous genre." --Mary Klotz

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pamela said...

I love my files (and files and files) of magazine and catalog clippings. I also get inspired by serendipitous juxtapositions; like "holy cow, who new pandas and pansies had so much in common?" :-)
Z. suggests shopping at goodwill, salvation army, etc. for cheap vintage fabrics. Sometimes random conversations will inspire me too.