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Friday, January 09, 2009

De-stashing Yarn!

I really do have way too much yarn---or perhaps I do not have enough storage space after moving from a big house to a tiny one-bedroom apartment? Out of space after downsizing--so I made a survey of my YARN STASH yesterday and decided to part with some of I am selling the yarn you see here---at BARGAIN PRICES. If you want to buy any of this yarn, please e-mail me : aurora at morningstarbooks dot com

Reynolds Shetland Donegal Tweed---100% wool, made in Scotland, handwash. This yarn is light celedon green & grey in color.
3 balls, each 1 3/4 oz. plus 2 partial balls. all for $10.00 includes shipping costs within the US

Cambridge Classic Elite ---70%cotton, 30% wool (great for a baby item) handwash or dry clean. 4 skeins, 50 grams each, approx 80 yards per skein. Color: light lavender/grey. All 4 skeins for $8.00! includes shipping cost within the US.

Omaghi Filati Baby Cotton---100% cotton. 2 balls, 150 grams each. Color: Variegated lavender, light blue, light green and cream. This yarn originally cost $21.50 each, selling both balls for $10.00 which includes shipping within the US.

or take all 3 yarns for a super-bargain price of $20.00 !!! (includes shipping) what a deal!

AND.......Please don't forget to join my hat give-away--see the blog post right below for details!


pamela said...

Get thee behind me, foxy! Perhaps you'd like to come help me de-stash my quilting fabric? My closet over floweth. :-)


Mary Timme said...

I'm in the midst of de-stashing also. I think I'll go with pamela on my comment. What a strange nation and society we are!?

Aurora said...

sold! sold!!hooray!