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Monday, January 26, 2009

No Idle Hands

So, even when my brain is fogged by too much mucas my hands are not still. Seriously folks, I have been rather "under the weather" but still knitting--in fact busy hands and some mundane tv help to take my mind off how lousy I enough whining ;-)

When I am not feeling well, a small project which provides instant gratification is good, so here are some baby booties for little Jasper---he is growing so fast he was out growing all his other ones.

I used some of the new chocolate brown angora for nice soft, warm booties.

I just love this simple baby bootie pattern---which is by someone named Christine or Marilyn--bless her heart! I have 2 different sources for this pattern and they have different names for the designer...?

Because I think this is such a good pattern--- I am going to post the pattern here for everyone. I have made about 8 pairs of these booties now...and they all stay on good. I vary the size by changing the size yarn and needles I use (the bigger the yarn and needles--the bigger the booties).

Needles: size 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 double pointed needles (depending on how big you want the booties to be) you need 5 needles for this pattern.
Yarn: baby fingering, up to worsted weight--again the smaller the yarn size, the smaller the booties--I like to use wool, but cotton yarn is good, also if you want them to be washable in a machine.

Cast on 10 sts. Knit 32 rows (you are making the sole)
(you should have a rectangle with 10 sts on each end and 16 sts on each side)

Count 16 ridges. Pick up 16 sts on each side of this rectangle and 10 sts on the other end. Use a separate needle for each side and end (4 needles--you need the fifth needle to knit with)

Now make the sides of the bootie:
1) Join and knit one round
2) Purl 3 rounds
3) Knit 4 rounds
4) Change color (if desired--I like them in at least 3 colors) and knit one round
5) Purl 3 rounds
6) Knit 4 rounds
7) Change color and knit 1 round
8) Purl 3 rounds
9) Knit 4 rounds

NEXT ROW (make toe):
1) change color and * Knit 9 stitches (across the 10 sts end)
2) Knit 10th st together with edge st (edged st is on the long side needle that has 16 sts on it) TURN.
3) Slip 1st st, purl 8 sts, purl 2 together (the 10th st and the edge st). TURN*
4) Repeat * to * until you have 10 sts on each needle. 40 sts total.
(you are just picking up and knitting sts on each side of the rectangle to make the toe of the bootie)

NEXT ROW (make ribbing):
1) Knit 4 rounds
2) Knit 2 sts, yarn over, k2 together entire row
3) Knit 2 rounds, 40 sts total
4) Knit 2, Purl 2 for 15 rounds (or more--depending on how high you want the bootie ribbing to go)
5) Cast off

I-Cord (knit shoe lace)
1) cast on 3 sts
2) Put all 3 sts back onto left needle
3) Knit 3 sts
4) Put all 3 sts back onto left needle
5) knit 3 sts
Repeat step 4 & 5 until your cord measure 18 ' long

NOTE: You do not turn your work. You're working yarn comes from the furthest stitch left & it feels very wrong & weird. Just do it! (and magical I-Cord will grow...)

NOTE #2 : If you are using double pointed needles--you can just slide the stitches to the other end of the needle--rather than slipping them onto the other needle--but this is NOT turning your work.

Thread the "shoe lace" into the holes left by your yarn over row--and there you have it! lovely baby booties! now find a baby to give them to....

Please feel free to copy this pattern and make as many baby booties as you like...CRAFTING IT FORWARD
crafting it forward means to teach others what you know, so they can then teach others...and the traditions and stitches of knitting (or whatever art/craft you are doing) get passed down generation to generation.


Carole Baker said...

Thanks for the instuctions. I've got some yarn around here somewhere, and if I can find it, I think I'll make a pair.

Laura Jayne said...

Oh, those are adorable. Alas, a scarf is at the limit of my knitting skills. Maybe I should take a class. I will come back for this if I ever do.

freebird said...

These look like little furry moccasins! Very cute.