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Saturday, January 03, 2009

Welcoming the New Year with a Vintage Pin Cushion

One favorite present I received during the Holidays was this very colorful and fun (and practical) vintage pin cushion (thanks Ardie!)---isn't it cool? it came with the pins in it..

And her (soon to be 9 year old) son gave me this vintage stuffed squirrel (thanks Hayden!)--it has quite a bit of character for a stuffed toy....

and my son-in-law gave me this lovely soap he made....I really love the presentation with the fragrant cinnamon stick attached....(thanks Dustin!)

of course--- I currently have a few projects on the needles....seems it is about time to finish up some of them....this is the first of a pair of "half mittens"

this lace and cabled hat is knit with hemp/cotton yarn

and here are some itty bitty baby bootees---I am using fine lace weight wool to make these tiny sized for a newborn

I do manage to finish some projects---
In fact, I created these warm, fuzzy, soft slippers for a Holiday present for my daughter---I liked them so much I plan to make a pair for myself!

and a couple of hats.....

Quote for the Day: "If I knit fast enough--does it count as aerobic exercise?"---author unknown

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Carole Baker said...

I love the pin cushion. I want one! I wonder if there is a pattern around for one like that.