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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Creative Decor for Bridal Shower

Right now in my family we are all rather pre-occupied with my younger daughter's upcoming wedding --this Saturday!!! I have decided that producing a big wedding (130 guests) is like a cross between producing a pageant {pageant: noun 1. an elaborate spectacle; procession in costume; pomp; display; show} and a big family reunion--only with extra guests.

So we have all been busy with purchasing the proper "costumes" for everyone to wear, and planning the decor, managing the guest list and so on. Like many weddings, most of the planning and work is being done by the bride--with help from friends and family.

Her sister and friends gave the young bride a lovely bridal shower last week. We were greeted when we arrived by this lovely wall display created by her best friend Danelle. I love how she cleverly chose to display many photos of the bridal couple...amazing what she created with photos and some paper and paper doilies....a nice way to celebrate the couple !

Another friend, Tara, added a pleasant extra touch to the napkins by stamping each one with a bridal motif....the food was outstanding: cheese fondue with veggies and bread to dip in the cheese, and both dark chocolate and white chocolate fondue---with fresh fruit and cake to dip in the chocolate fondues. Plus some barbecued chicken skewers....and of course champagne!

And yes--we all wished the happy couple "Happily Ever After"!

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