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Monday, October 26, 2009

"I'm late, I'm late for a very important date..."

Working at home---I struggle with time management--do you?

There are those "time wasters" right here on the computer. For me, it is Facebook and my fave wordgame Bookworm...oh! and Stumble Upon.

It is just so easy to get sucked in----surfing and reading and looking at other's crafts, rather than creating my own stuff. Then, before I know it several hours have passed. What to do?

1) try using a timer? to limit my facebook and other net time?
2) allow myself to read facebook and post there as a reward for getting work done?
any suggestions--- are welcome and THANKS!

oh--and I don't count daydreaming or my mind wandering as "time wasted" because I know that is necessary for my creativity.

This design was painted in gouache and then scanned into photoshop for layout, colors and so on...(I call it: "I'm late, I'm late for a very important date...")

Gotta go--time's 'awasting!


EmandaJ said...

Hello Aurora,

Love the clocks! I have trouble with time slipping away too! And a lot of it happens right in front of my laptop. The timer works, but only if I don't give myself "just two more minutes to 'finish' what ever I am working on'.

With your design, you need to go to to print up fabric of your own making. How cool is that?!


Rose Works Jewelry said...

I try to alternate - work on serious stuff, take a break and wander. But I'm not sure I have any good advice :( Sorry! Love the clocks though :)

linda said...

Love your pattern of clocks...very cool! I totally know what you mean by time management...I think it's easier to manage other folks than yourself sometimes.

Carole Baker said...

Hi Aurora, I love this design and am reminded that I've been on the computer much too long this morning.

Aimee and I are going to be in Berkeley week of Nov16. We must get together.

I always enjoy your blog posts and thank you for sharing. And thanks for your kind comments on my blogs.... greatly appreciated.

Leah said...

Oh my, love this design!