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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

I is for Ingenuity

ingenuity, noun, pl. -ties.
1. skill in planning or inventing; cleverness.
(SYN) inventiveness.
2. skillfulness of contrivance or design.

This letter ("I") had me stumped ....(hence my lack of posting here); however this morning the topic of inventiveness or ingenuity popped into my head. We are all blessed with ingenuity---I think my ability to tap into my ingenuity was honed by living in the Alaskan "bush"--with no stores (except a very small grocery store)--so one saved everything, and recycled most items---and became very inventive when one needed something not readily at hand.

Everyone in town had some area of expertise, so we also traded goods and knowledge--rarely did money change hands, but I might trade a handwoven scarf for an outboard motor repair job. Ingenuity was the key to a comfortable survival.

I think living in a larger city--with all the services readily available for money---stamps out ingenuity---unless one is seriously dedicated to recycling or buying nothing new, it is much to easy to just buy what you need (or want---there is a big diff between needs and wants, but that is another topic).

Here are some wonderful examples of ingenuity that I have recently found online:

mini paper wreaths from the blog Scrumdilly-do!

Sweater Balls
from The Sweeter Sweater
A Button Bracelet from Creative Kismet

Recycled Slippers from SEW GREEN
I am currently working on my own inventive holiday project--one that I can gift to everyone on my gift list (and that is ingenuity!)---but I can't show you it yet--that would be a gift surprise spoiler...but I will be sharing this project once the gifts are in the mail...meanwhile here are my hands clapping to making your holiday gifts or at least buying handmade. For buying handmade may I suggest HERE....and do have fun either creating or shopping.

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Carole Baker said...

Thanks for the link... I'm going to make a pair for my cold footsies tomorrow. Will you email your snail mail address. Have you noticed I never answer my emails?