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Thursday, May 27, 2010

I'll Fly Away (again)

: noun.
1. a change or passing from one condition, place, thing, activity, or topic to another.

There is something special about a life transition--sometimes I go through the process willingly and happily and other times life drags me through the transition portal kicking and screaming. This time, it just feels familiar to be moving again because I have been doing it every 6 to 9 months for over 2 years now.

So in about a week I'm off again--first to Washington & Oregon to visit my girls and their families, then heading North to Alaska to work. Ah! that lovely seasonal summer gig as the "chef" at the rustic and yet homey and very comfortable Laughing Raven Lodge--out in the Alaskan "bush" (ie. very wild wilderness just out the back door, no kidding) on Baranof Island.

So for the summer, I'll be staying here--in my little cabin in the woods --quite near the Lodge.

Quiet--ah! so quiet, and nice and comfortable--I'm really looking forward to some time among the trees, ferns, and devil's club in the great Tongass National Forest--a true Northern Rain Forest with green green moss and ferns everywhere...

and wildflowers blooming all summer....of course all kept very lush and green by copious amounts of rainfall.

yes, I truly do believe that "in wilderness is the preservation of the soul" since spending a few months in Alaska--or even a week--can do wonders for my soul. And please do remember that a National Forest belongs to all of you should plan a visit sometime to the one nearest you or to Southeast Alaska.

So, as far as transition go--this one isn't very difficult since I am going to a place I know and love. After that, who knows? But I bet by the end of the summer all will have become clear....


Carole Baker said...

Have a fun trip back to Alaska.

freebird said...

North to Alaska! Have a wonderful summer there. It looks beautiful.

henniemavis said...

Hey, you! Nice to see you since our sketch exchange... just saw you on Leah's CED Mr. Linky list. Didn't know you were registered (I finally did last week, will post my entry tonight).

I would LOVE to visit Alaska (never been)! I'm jealous of you cabin home. Beautiful photo of bunchberry in bloom, too. It's in bloom here, as well :-)