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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Political Art

In art school they taught that fine art should have "content"--ie some message, concept or tell a story. I think all ART is political---even decorative art reflects the culture it is created in--- so the personal is political becomes a tru-ism.

Last winter I created a linocut print which reflects the city where I live--Seattle. Recently, I decided to use that image for some OCCUPY SEATTLE "art"---so I created these 3" x 3" stickers with my artwork in the background. I love the spray paint font....rather like graffitti. I plan to stick these stickers up around my 'hood and share them with own bit of subversive "performance art."

I have been going downtown to the Occupy Seattle marches about once a a week and I find them inspiring for several reasons. Of course, I agree with the philospohy--in fact I am one of the 99% of Americans with not much of a safety net and currently one of the millions of US citizens who are unemployed. I also find the Occupy movement's General Assembly style of consensus organizing and the diversity of the folks involved heartening and inspiring.

Already this movement has managed to get our President to change the student loan rules and now greedy Bank of American has "decided to remove the $5 fee it was implementing for debit cards." I firmly believe that if we work and stand together we can influence and change our country.

Of course, coming of age in the 1960's---with the Vietnam War protests---and seeing how they changed US policey (eventually) contributed to this conviction. Our generation changed out culture--but then we dropped the ball...and became complacent. Time for us all to wake up! and step up again. Won't you join us?

p.s. oh yeah--if you want some stickers e-mail me--I am selling them at cost of production...about 82 cents for each one...with a small price cut if you order 20 or more...lets spread them around town!!!

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Oldie said...

These are so great, Aurora. You should make some Occupy Portland art, too!