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Monday, January 02, 2012

Thank YOU : Out with old & In with the new

I want to thank all my readers for a great year! I now have online friends I would never have "met" without this blog. I am wishing all my readers a joyful and happy 2012!

I am determined to "make a living" this year with my creativity. This may mean some anxious times as I patch together my monthly income (and I live on very little) via selling my art, crafts, & designs, working as an "on-call" Nanny, and (hopefully)  teaching crafts. So far, so good and it is only the 2nd day of this year!

Last year --like life usually goes--had its ups and downs. Looking back I realized I was only employed (at a regular job with set hours)  about 7 months this year... yet somehow I survived. 

The best thing I did all year was to rent myself art studio space. Not only do I now have a great place to go and create, but (at least in my mind) somehow having an art studio legitimizes me as an artist. To me--- having the studio means I am taking my art and design work seriously. And guess what happened once I committed to taking myself more seriously???

ah, Yes!! my productivity and SALES went up since I created more items AND I actively marketed them, which of course resulted in more sales. And since I consider writing this blog part of my creative endeavors, I also plan to explore ways to make some income ($$$$) blogging.

So, please repeat after me : WAY WILL OPEN, WAY WILL OPEN......(and thanks for all your support!)

do what you love and the $$$$ will follow...
addendum: oh, and  this year I plan to do one special thing each week only because I want to!!! putting myself on the list of "to dos"


Fourborne said...

Very inspiring! I have a fear of putting my art out for sale. I envy you renting s studio. Hopefully this year I will let go and chase my dreams.

RantWoman said...

I have enjoyed getting to know you through your blog and art.

All I have to say about the make a living from art dream is GO FOR IT! Follow your dream and what you need will come!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on making a commitment to doing what you love as a way to make your living! I wish you the best on an easy road.

Tracey Fletcher KIng said...

So happy to have found your log through CED and look forward to following along on the journey... congrats on the goals and following a creative path... I love every minute of my creative chaos!!!