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Friday, March 30, 2012

Re-purposed wool sweater = new handbag

When I saw the lovely cabled and embroidered wool sweater at the Goodwill I knew I had to felt it and make it into something--plus it was 1/2 off! So of course I bought it, felted it--and wow! did it shrink....and then decided this sweater would make a very nice new purse. I used a thrifted pillow case to line the purse and made the shoulder strap out of the sweater's arms...really happy with this one because it is roomy and I added some pockets to the lining for my cell phone, pens and other small objects.

I needed some way to close the purse--so I added a crocheted edge with button loops and used some nice vintage mother-of-pearl buttons.

and now I have a "new" handbag for spring! so far I'm liking it...and it took me one afternoon to make! Once I felted the sweater, the sewing went pretty fast. I sewed the lining in by hand around the top edge.

Aunt Esther's Motto (one of them) : "A stitch in time, saves nine." I guess this is more about mending--which she was an expert at doing---but this recycled sweater purse made me think of her. She would have like this concept, as she was very thrifty. She was my Great Aunt (grandmother's sister) and I learned alot about life from her--so I'm calling this Aunt Esther's Handbag ;-)

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