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Monday, October 16, 2006

Books & Bookstore Week

" I always imagined that Paradise willl be a kind of library." ---Jorge Luis Borges

I am a biblioholic--I admit it--I love books and bookstores, especially used or rare books and bookstores. One of my favorite bookstores here in Berkeley is Turtle Island Books on Claremont Avenue. Sometimes I even do small jobs for Roger Wicker, the proprietor of Turtle Island Books. This coming Saturday, October 21---Turtle Island Books will be having a SIDEWALK SALE with many great art books and ephemera on SALE! so if you live in the Bay area, and like art books, stop by and see what is for sale. I have been helping Roger sort through his stock and mark down books, so I can honestly say there will be some great books on sale--one day only(!) this Saturday.

Please also note the books now listed on my sidebar --I found this great website where you can list your personal library online. I am currently collecting books on textile designing, fabrics, pattern design, and various interesting art and crafts books. I love the search for that special long out of print book---and finding it at a great price at a used bookstore. One thing I have learned is to buy that special book when I do find it, because invariably if I don't buy it then--when I return to buy that very book, the book will be gone.

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