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Monday, October 09, 2006

More Time Management 101


1. Do not spend 2 hours in the morning drinking coffee and reading the newspaper
2. Do not check your e-mail
3. Do not decide to read all your favorite blogs
4. Do not update your Netflix Que
5. Do not start yet another project (finish the 5 you have going already)
6. Do not decide to make a gourmet lunch
7. Do not read the 2 magazines that just arrived in the mail
8. Do not call your best friend just to chat
9. Do not go through all the papers on your desk
10. Do not decide to catch up on all the laundry
11. Do not decide to bake a cake (or pie, or cookies)
12. Do not pick an argument with your loved one over something trivial
13. Do not decide to re-organize you studio space
14. Do not shop for fabric online (or beads, or yarn)
Just get to work! preferably on one of the projects which you need to finish soon...


Anonymous said...

mom this is sooo you,,,,taking time (procastinating) to note what not to do instead of just doin it!

Secondhand Smoke said...

Man, I should take that advise, then I might get things done.

beadbabe49 said...

but...but....but...all the fun things are on the not-to-do list1 that can't be right!