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Friday, November 03, 2006

Knitting and Reading Pleasure

I always find knitting to be a relaxing and meditative past time. One winter my partner, Larry--and I whiled away the evening by reading aloud together---or, rather--he read aloud and I listened as he spun out the tale in his deep voice. While I listened, I knit. We read our way together through Steinbeck and Twain and on into other classics we had always wanted to read. We were hooked---there was something about listening to the story being read out loud, and sharing the book with another person, that was different and more satisfying than solitary silent reading. I urge all you readers to try this! find a good book, sit down with a friend, and one of you read the story out loud--while the other knits, or beads, or whatever....instead of sharing a TV program together, try this--we found it so much more satisfying than any TV program or even a movie. Most of us do not hesitate to read aloud to any children in our lives---why not to another adult?

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Lee H said...

Here in Juneau we have a group of various actors, writers and other interested folks that have been gathering monthly through the winter for most of the last decade to have a potluck and read through Shakespeare's plays, one chosen each month. His works, as indeed most poetry, are better read aloud.

I have just come across a copy of Homer's ILIAD, translated by Robert Fagles. His recent translations of that and the ODYSSEY have been immensely popular and praised for making Homer accessible for our modern time. It probably wouldn't have caught my eye, except I had just read a review praising the Fagles'newly published translation of the AENID. The review mentioned that they were written to be spoken aloud. I have never been able to slog through any of Homer's writings, so now I have the inspiration to read it aloud. Even if I didn't, the first thing I noticed was how easy my copy of the ILIAD seems to read.

Yes, reading aloud can be so satisfying! A wonderful bedtime readaloud is LIKE WATER FOR CHOCOLATE--a great fantasy tale, and very sensual.