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Monday, November 27, 2006

Yarn Eye Candy

I wandered into one of my nearby favorite yarn shops the other day Article Pract on Telegraph Ave in the Temescal District of Oakland. Ah! such lovely "eye candy" and colors and textures greet anyone who enter this shop.

From harmonious and pastel

to rich, intense and bright

there is a yarn to please everyone's palette.

Of course, the shop also has knitted samples...

plenty of knitting books and patterns and also knowledgeable and helpful staff. I love exploring a yarn store, so I can feel and fondle the various fibers---I think fiber artists are into yarn and fibers because they are tactile folks, and this shop is both tactile and polychromatic, so quite satisfying to my artist's soul. I could write more, but I think the photos say it all. If you live in the Bay Area, and haven't been to this yarn store--you are missing something! so check it out.

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Anonymous said...

I don't live anywhere NEAR a yarn shop, waaaah! But i just read a mystery where the joys of yarn fondling by a new knitter were described in luscious detail. Now I wish I did! (The mystery was Knit One, Kill Two, by Maggie Sefton.)