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Monday, July 23, 2007

Repurposed Vintage Tablecloth or BYOB

Still into sewing---this grocery/tote bag (BYOB= bring your own bag!) is made from a '50's vintage flea market table cloth---the table cloth had some holes, so I salvaged the good parts, and viola! a bag. It is lined with a lovely blue and yellow cotton print with bows...our household requested I create a larger grocery bag with two handles, (instead of one* see the bag below), so here it is.

This takes care of the proliferation of those large plastic grocery bags...but what to do about the clear plastic produce bags? we save them and stock our cloth bags with used ones...but they still seem to breed and multiply in the pantry---and washing them can be a pain--so here is a neat device for helping you wash out your used plastic bags in the dishwasher (assuming you have a dishwasher;-)--a Bag-e-wash! and a nice kitchen gadget for drying them ---a plastic bag dryer from which is a great resource for all sorts of reusable bags, resuable water bottles and more. If anyone has any great ideas for something else to use in place of the clear plastic produce bags--do let me know!


Mary Timme said...

Okay, you lost me on the washing of plastic produce bags. That I don't do, but I like the other cloth ones a lot. That is for when I get down to that level with my cleaning, symlifing, tossing binge.

Anonymous said...

For all I know, you have already solved this issue, since this post is from some time ago, but I am using mesh drawstring bags instead of plastic produce bags, and they work really well. I bought my on Etsy, but you could easily make your own. The mesh is lightweight and allows the checker to see the produce, and the drawstring makes it easy to close. I have several sizes, for different types of items.