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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Bead Embellished Mini-Quilts

A while ago--one of my projects was a series of "mini-quilts." These are about 8.5" X 11.5" in size, and fun to make---since they are fast to finish up! Mostly sewed and quilted on the machine--with bead embroidery and buttons, plus some hand embroidery for embellishment. These are a nice project for using up small bits and pieces of fabric; some of the fabric here is old vintage fabric.

This one has more handstitching and less beadwork...but I love the different orange-ish fabrics--some of these fabrics are I got from my quilter friend Kari (from Sitka, Alaska.) She has the fabric stash to die for! (thanks, Kari!)

I had six of these small quilts hung all on one wall--they made a lovely display. As I make more, I move them around---take some down, or add more.


Mary Timme said...

That is still a lot of work on a small object. Of course, I shouldn't talk about that as I'm struggling to finish my last necklace by tomorrow. Got to get off the computer.

Life Info Zone said...

Lovely post!! They are amazing.Thanks buddy for sharing.