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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Orange is the New Black

Sweaters from thrift stores---washed in hot water in the washing machine, then dried in a hot dyer--PRESTO! wool felt! which I then cut up and sew into handbags. This one is orange and green in honor of FALL season---plus, I love orange. I lined this, and added pockets inside for your keys and cell phone. The handle is braided sweater strips, just the right length for a comfortable shoulder bag.

This shows the lovely lining fabric--the handbag flap is lined with a brown sweater.

This is a back view of the handbag---just slightly different than the green striped front---with an orange horizontal side strip.


Karoda said...

what a hip looking bag!

Mary Timme said...

Is there nothing you can't re-use? I thought I was good at this from living in the country and Alaska, but you are far superior in your skills than I! I'm impressed!