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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Ruby REpurposed Handbag

Another one! This one is also lined, and has some nice fellted crocheted lace on the closing flap. The back of this bag is a lovely felted multi-colored Fair Isle stripes--the front a scrumptious ruby color. Created out of recycled felted wool sweaters--and fully lined with cotton fabric. The inside has small pockets for keys, cell phone, and other small objects. The strap is made from the same striped sweater as the back of the bag. I also use some lightweight Pellon fusible, between the wool and the cotton fabrics, to give some proper stiffness to the bag.

detail of closing flap

lining, with pockets

the back of the bag


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Lorraine said...

Love this idea. Have been wanting to make purses out of sweaters for a couple of years now. Problem is I can't cut up my own beloved sweaters so I end up donating them to someone who'll use them or to Good Will and then going and buying sweaters there for $2.50 and stacking those up to cut up. Madness!
Yours are very cool.