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Sunday, November 18, 2007

"To Do" Lists and Knitting

For the knitters who read my blog--yes, I am knitting those holiday gifts! I have this scarf finished (just need to block it)

and this one on the needles....

and then I interrupted the frantic scarf knitting to knit a few squares for Kay at Mason-Dixon Knitting for Oliver's Blanket. These were fun because they provided instant gratification--I knit all three in one evening. They are 4" x 4" and knit with nice wool sock yarns.

And I am mightily resisting the strong urge to start another project---crocheting (with the gorgeous red wool/silk yarn I bought last month at ArtFibers) a lovely lacey sweater to wear to those holiday parties....[note to self: must must finish those scarves first, no more yarn projects! --- until scarf is finished]

On another more literary note--I attended a fun "reading" for this book the other night

The author, Sasha Cagen, had a "list slam" where folks read their "to do" lists out loud --some quite hilarious...and she has a great website here. If you area list-maker----(I am;-) you will probably enjoy this funny book!

Here is my current craft project list (well--- some I have to withhold from putting here because they are holiday gifts surprises--so I actually have more projects going and/or planned than this list)
1. sew some (more) coffee cup cozys
2. sew some aprons
3. sew an afghan from felted repurposed sweaters
4. knit hat to go with scarf (maybe?)
5. finish scarf on the needles
6. finish socks on the needles
7. sew more pin backs on "inchies"
8. crochet red holiday sweater
9. sew some baby bibs
10. sew some (more) grocery shopping bags

What is on your list?


Lorraine said...

I have always been a list maker but since I retired have tried to get away from it. I'll look for the book. Can't wait to see how it psyches me out!

Anonymous said...

you forgot to add my sweater to your to do list!!!!!!!!!! it's going on 4 years you realize that...heheeheheh
Love you Kes