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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Got the Blues: Scrap Ripple Afghan

 I am currently (among other projects) crocheting an afghan out of wool  and  alpaca "scraps" I had in my yarn stash...mostly blues, greens, and grays, with a dash of pinkish heather....but of course, I am just about out of "scraps"--so now if I want to finish this project I am going to have to go and buy some yarn....(oh darn;-)

This is a fun project...and crochet progresses so fast! compared to knitting. The pattern is from the book 200 RIPPLE STITCH PATTERNS by Jan Eaton.

and--oh yes! I found the camera (whew!!!) hidden behind some I will be posting here more often now.


EmandaJ said...

So glad you found your camera. I had a bit of technical difficulty with mine recently and had to replace it. However, I do know about lost stuff -- I live "way too close to the edge of a black hole" and things get lost and never return!


Dia said...

so pretty! My mama had such a good eye for colours, & your afgan reminds me of some of hers :)
I take most photos with my phone these days (who would have thought??) - but it's nice to have a good camera!