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Friday, April 22, 2011

Celebrate Earth Day!

               OUR MOTHER


             DON'T YOU?

What are we doing to show we love our Earth on this day dedicated to her? How about a bit of gardening? or picking up trash? or just a meditative walk --- where  you tell her how much you care for her as you enjoy your walk? 

Really the phrase "saving the Earth" isn't about our Earth--Earth will survive no matter what we do to her. Maybe not in a way we will recognize... but the Earth has been here much longer than we have. This phrase really means "saving the humans" or saving the Earth we can survive on...

But I have always believed that we would not be mistreating the Earth if we loved and revered her as she deserves. Ah! Earth worship! yes, I believe in worshiping our Earth, for without her we cannot survive. Plus she is  beautiful--don't you agree?

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