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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Paint Chip Art

I have been seeing quite a bit of art using paint chips on Pinterest.

Ah! new online fave. What a great place to post your inspirations and keep all those online tutorials one is interested in. I have 12 "boards" on Pinterest where I have been pinning fun images. If you haven't been to Pinterest, you can look at my boards and check out Pinterest here.

But back to the paint chip art...most of what I have seen online using paint chips was collage or mixed media type of art, but I decided to try painting right on the paint chips, so yesterday I went by a paint store and picked out a variety paint chips.

 Here is "doodle" I created yesterday and I am off to my studio to see what else emerges today.  This is painted with gouache and outlined with a permanent felt marker.

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Anonymous said...

I was looking for a new idea for a swap and I think I've found it. Thanks! I really like your doodle on the paint chip. Has an organic look to it and I appreciate your sharing what medium you used for this piece :-)