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Friday, January 27, 2012

These pillows started life as a cashmere or angora sweater

I really enjoy thrift stores. I think it is about finding that useful bargain---or finding odd stuff I can re-pupose into something useful, or maybe it is the books scout in me that always is looking for the $3.99 book that I know I can sell for $125?

My fave  Aunt Esther used to say "A stitch in time saves nine." I like to think she would have loved the notion of re-purposing old discarded sweaters into useful and pretty pillows since she also was all about re-use. 

How to make a re-puposed thrifty and cheap but lovely pillow:

Recently I scored at my fave thrift store two nice very soft sweaters--a cream all cashmere man's sweater and a blue wool/angora cabled sweater--at 1/2 off! which was about $3.00 a sweater.  I spent another $5.00 on pre-made pillow forms...and then cut the now washed sweaters into the correct size squares ( I used the front and back of each sweater--saving the sleeves for another project) and sewed these pillows. They are oh--so soft! and huggable and now live on our couch for everyone to enjoy.

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Sandra's Fiberworks said...

Love the pillows and what an interesting bio!