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Saturday, October 20, 2007


Thanks to a thought provoking post on Sharon B's blog In A Minute Ago (one blog I read daily)----during the past few days I have been pondering the focus of my blog, and I realized I have been writing less, and just showing more photos of my crafts. This led me to wonder: what makes an interesting blog? what do I like about the blogs I read everyday? and what is the goal of my blogging?

I like a blog with both content and inspiring and beautiful images or photos.

1) I tend to read blogs I know will have links to other blogs with interesting content, craft tutorials, or art (In a Minute Ago, Art for Housewives, Whip Up, The Purl Bee)

2) I also like blogs--with good photography--that highlight design trends. (Design Sponge, Print and Pattern)

3) I enjoy blogs that are humorous and write about crafts ( Yarn Harlot) or show their craft process (The Lone Beader, Yarnstorm)

4) I read every post of one writer's blog--37 Days, and always check out the premier blog about bookselling--- Bibliophile Bullpen.

5) I really like a blog that posts a new entry everyday--like both In A Minute Ago or Whip Up do.

So--why do I blog? what is the reward for me? One reward has been all the new artists I "meet" (virtually) who leave a comment on my blog. And I must admit, I find the admiring and encouraging comments folks leave about my art and crafted items to be a boost to my creativity. Especially in the winter, I tend to just stay at home and create all sorts of crafty items in my studio---and so don't get much feedback on what I create---until I photograph my latest creation and upload it to my blog--then I almost always get a reaction or a comment or two. I also like the sense I get that someone is listening when I write---or that I do have an audience for my creations. So, I suppose blogging --for me--is also about connections between people on a global scale.

I love that I can write ---from my home--- and people from all over the world can stumble upon my blog, and then by reading my blog, become acquainted with me and what I create.

Sharon B says about her blogging "From my own point view I think the goal of a blog has to be bigger than just recording my life or promoting my work." I suppose the goals for me--at this point--(I did not start out with these goals in mind, and this could certainly change) are : to promote connection and friendship between artists and crafters, to use my art to critique our culture, and to promote respect for our Mother Earth.

"Friendship exists outside our modern economy of scarcity... It's not about apportioning vanishing resources of time and energy. Friendship is a blessed relic of the ancient economy of the gift, and the time freely given to people dear to you actually creates magical abundance." ----VICTOR HUGO


Mary Timme said...

Yeah! That covers a lot of it! Connections are the best!

sharonb said...

Great post - yes connections are important but I have been thinking further on this and I think in part what drives me is that I enjoy making interests like needlework more visable. Rather than something done at home where only the family see what is made. I am not sure what I am quite driving at here as I am still forming my thoughts but it does have something to so with highlighting the fact that these activities have very real meanings for many people

Jafabrit said...

I don't remember how I came across your blog, google blog search I think, but your post resonated with me. I like a nice mix of artwork, text, and links. I enjoyed exploring your blog and seeing the range of work you do :)

The Lone Beader said...

You and I blog for many of the same reasons! Also, thanks for mentioning me:)

susan said...

great post and ever so true!